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Bio - calcium Calcium Deficiency
Arthibid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis & Muscular Rheumatism
Doloex Anti Neuralgic
Femolin Female disorder ( Gynae & Obst )
Ginseng After effects of sexual disorders
Golden Strokes A Sexual Tonic for Men
Hair Support Hair care & Nourishment
Hepatolive Liver, biliary & digestive disorders
Homoeolax Constipation treatment
Nux vom Stomach disorders, Flatulence, Indigestion
Rauwolfia Hypertension Control 
Calcarea Fluorica 6x Protect from cataract, Varicose and enlarged veins. Hard and stonyglands, rheumatism by cold. Malnutrition of bones.
Calcarea Sulph 6x Bronchitis, tonsilitis, mucous discharge yellow & broad spectrumanti infection.
Calcarea Phos 6x Malnutrition, delayed dentition, Calcium deficiency, slow learner.
Kali Sulph 6x  Inflammation of third stage, bronchitis, inner ear infection, better incool and fresh air.
Ferrum phos 6x Anaemic, Nervous and sensitive, Acute bronchitis, Haemorrhages,Enuresis, Aphonia.
Kali Mur 6x Tonsilitis and nasal catarrh, pneumonia, rheumatic fever, glandularswelling, coated tongue, constipation & leucorrhoea.
Kali phos 6x Weak Memory, Neurasthenia, Mental and Physical depression.
Magnesia Phos 6x Great antispasmodic, Muscular Neuralgia, Colic HeadacheToothache & dysmenorrhoea.
Natrum Mur 6x Anaemic, patients, weight loss delayed menstruation, coldness,indigestion, dyspepsia, eczema, great debility and neuralgia
Natrum Phos 6x Regulates the functions of stomach, intestines, kidney and joints.All discharges are sour, kidney stone UTI, enuresis and rheumatism
Natrum Suph 6x Maintains water balance, regulates body secretion, hepaticcongestion, greenish sputum & rhematism.
Silicea 6x Useful in hair, nails and teeth diseases, ricket, slow in learning towalk, chronic bronchitis, eliminates pus discharges.
Anti sulph Aur 3x A known remedy for obstruction in nostrils, scanty secretion, smallcrust which bleeds when removed, naso-pharynx secretion, rawness& soreness in posterior nares.
Anti Pyrinum 3x Antipyretic, Analgesic, Headache, Toothache, Ovarian neuralgia &dysmenorrhoea, Acute cold fever.
Arsenic Sulph Flav 3x A known remedy in treating leucoderma and squamous syphilides.Chafed skin. Itching of the upper things, anal and groin area. Scalydry skin often red or brownish red, with sharp borders.
Carbo Veg 3x Imperfect Oxidation after effects of previous illness, abdominaldistentions, slow digestion, eructation, feeling of fullness & flatulentcolic.
China Sulph 3x Fever, Malarial infections, Headache Increases immunity, Muscularweakness, Suppurative nephritis.
Cholestrinum 3x Gall stones. Precipitation of cholesterol and bile in the gallbladder. Chronic indigestion. Moderate to intense pain in the gallbladder area. Raised bilirubin. Inflammation of gall bladder. Nausea and vomiting.
Corallium Rubrum 3x Whooping, cough with redness of face. Post nastal dripping, Flowof mucus in pharynx, Rhinitis sinusitis, diabetes, headache, osteoporosis, muscle cramps.
Cuprum Oxidatum Nigrum 3x Effective to expel tapeworms and crichinosis. Children particularlybenefitted.
Damiana 3x Nervous strengthening remedy. Ancient reputation as producing venereal desire. Action on central nervous and hormonal system.Useful anti depressant, depression is basically due to the sexualfactor, correct the frigidity in the females & male sexual impotence.
Ginko Bilobo 3x Indicated Particularly circulatory system, brain tonic, memory tonic,remedy for senility and mental dullness.A unique remedy increasesvisual activity improves hearing in elderly. Relief tension and anxiety and improves mental alertness. Elevates mood and restores energy. Tinnitus, sexual dysfunction and Raynaud's disease.
Graphites 3x Pimples, acne, oozing eruption, unhealthy skin, skin becomeseasily infected. Eczema of ears and behind the ears, scabies, skincracks fissures, eruptions, eruption of pimples with much itching.
Gun Powder 3x Burning of stomach causing hungerUseful remedy to treat the wounds, blood poisoning of many kinds.Use of gun powder protects against wound infections. Remedyfor snake bites. Carbuncles, diabetic ulcers.
Hekla Lava 3x Painful bone spurs, acts upon the jaws pain, dental sensitivity,gum abscess, Caries of the bone, tooth decay. Abscess with facial swelling, swollen glands, Neuralgia, nasal polyrs. Ulcerationof nasal bones
Naphthalinum 3x Hay fever, whoozing cough, bronchitis, asthama, allergy of theautumn with allergy to late summer, uncomfortable in air-conditioning and over heating, vitality and strength zero,
pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary phthisis & gonorrhoea. 
Orchitinum 3x Suffering of climacteric changes. Impotency and snility. Inflammation of testicles. Poor nutrition, asthenia, instability ofnervous systems. Debility
Ova Tosta 3x Leucorrhoea. Backache. Pain in the left hip. Bearing down sensation. Swelling of vulva. Curd like vaginal discharge
Santonium 3x Remarkable remedy to expel worms, parasites, esp round wormsand thread worms, itchy anus, nocturia, enuresis & cloudy urine
Selenium 3x  Essential for normal functioning of the immune system & thyroidgland. Selenium is also used as an antioxidant & helps to relievethe symptoms of arthritis, dry skin, dandruff, the development of cataracts & fatigue. Selenium components is important for lifeextension. It also benefits for elderly persons, stimulates the productionj of immune system, boosting white blood cells,symptoms of impotency and lack of sexual vitality
Skookum Chuk 3x Natural mineral salt to treat skin diseases, strong affinity for skin &mucous membranes, anti - psoric remedy, eczema, dry skin,otitis media, ichorous, urticaria
Sulphur 3x Considerable skin problems, worse from warmth & washing.Temporarily relieved from scratching. Mental stress, irritability,depression fever & headache. Dry hair, dry skin eczema, stubbornacne, piles, tinnitus & blistered skin.
Sulphur Iodatum 3x Treats skin eruptions, redness due to vaccination reaction.Swelling of uvula & tonsils, eases generalised aches, detoxifies theimmune system, restlessness of lower extremities, osteo-arthritis& cramps.
Uranium Nitricum 3x Diabetes, high blood pressure & dropsy, unable to retain urine without pain, enuresis, ill-tempered, depression, pain in pyloricregion gastric & duodenal ulcers, emaciation and tympanites.
Yohimbinum 3x Enhances the sexual vitality. Impotency. Useful in erectileperformance, increases lubido.
Biochmic No 28 This Bio Combination is effective to manage of the body weaknessess caused by physical, mental & general over work.Used as general tonic regardless to age & sex.
Five Phos 6x Effective compositum for physical, mental, general & nervous problems. Indication caused by some shock. Useful in lactating mothers & elderly women. Five Phos is used as general tonic to keep you fresh all the day long.