Arnica also known as “Fall Herb”,  grows in mountainous regions around 3000ft, thriving on specific soil: peat moors where the debris of plants and soil from a layer of decay.

Eases muscular pain, bruising, and sprains.
Excellent first-aid remedy.
Helps control bleeding.

General Indications

A master remedy for shock – when patients are bruised, sore, tender and hate being touched. The bed often feels hard and the patient feels as though he will fall out of it. Body and limbs ache as though beaten. A remedy for sprains, concussions, blows, falls, mental and physical exertion. The patient is better lying down with head low and worse for touch, motion, rest, wine and camp cold.



  • Too tired to sleep, restlessness when over-tired.
  • Bed feels hard, body sore and tender.


  • After mechanical injuries, bruises and sprains.
  • Concussions and their after effects.
  • Shock from mental or physical cause.
  • Patient feels drowsy, cold and pale.


  • Caused by cold winds or height pressures
  • Local injuries to outer ear with pain and soreness


  • Useful before visiting dentist and while undergoing treatment
  • After tooth extraction, painful fillings where the mouth feels bruised


  • Aching pain in temples, shooting pains when coughing or sneezing.
  • Burning head and brain with rest of body cold.
  • Cutting pains in head as from a knife.


  • Any pain, anywhere where patient feels bruised (helps absorption of blood).
  • Rheumatic pain, back ache with sore, bruised feeling.
  • Useful as a pre-operative treatment against shock and bruising, speeding up a less painful recovery.