belladonnaBelladonna is also known as “Nightshade”,  is a very poisonous plant whose berries if eaten produce extreme, violent and sudden effects on the brain causing delirium.

Treats influenza and reduces fever. Eases menstrual pains. Soothes painful swollen breasts.

General Indications

Associated with hot, red skin and flushed face. Dilated pupils, throbbing pulse excited mental slate, delirium with restless sleep and convulsive movement. Mouth and throat feel dry, yet patient averse to water. Worse from pressure, jarring, light and motion, better from warmth. Fearful dreams and rage, children tend to become disobedient and bite or slap parents. Senses more acute. Right-sided.



  • Restlessness with fears of seeing hideous faces, ghosts and frightening animals.
  • Hot, red, dry face with dilated pupils.


  • Sudden, violent onset, with throbbing, bursting or cutting pains.
  • Dizziness when rising or stooping.
  • Worse when wearing a hat, from light, motion and pressure.


  • Red, hot face, dry skin, dilated pupils.
  • Twitches and fidgets.
  • Violent pains whilst sleeping or relaxing.
  • Toothache pains from cavities or abscess.

Cold and Sore Throat

  • Throat red, raw and sore.
  • Hurts to swallow.
  • Bright red tongue.
  • Dryness of mucous membranes.
  • Inflammation tends to start on the right side and move to the left.