These ointments are made with a petrolatum jelly base combinations which we have found after years of experiments to be both penetrating and soothing and unaltered by storage and temperature changes.  They retain the characteristic medicinal properties odor and color of the fresh plants with which they are severally medicated.  They will retain their efficacy during normal storage in any climate and are in every respect worthy of the confidence of the profession.



Aesculus Hip Especially useful for Protruding, Purple, Non-bleeding Piles, associated with pains in sacrum, small of back and fullness in region of liver, ‘ Blind Piles ‘ Fissures and cracks of the anus.


Arnica Mont For Bruises, Contusions and blows where the skin is not broken, Bed sores, Boils which do not mature well, Itchings, Chilblains, Corns and Bunions, Muscular Rheumatism resulting from exposure to cold and dampness.


Calendula Of great value as a dressing fro torn and Jagged wounds, also for old Sores and Ulcers, to promote healing and prevent suppuration; for Burns, Scalds, Ulcers and Sores generally.  Warts or Nails cut too close.  For these purposes apply ointment liberally and wrap on affected parts with a soft cloth bandage.


Cantharis Very useful in Burns where the skin is unbroken, in Blisters of all kinds, to recall repressed Discharges, to promote Absorption; has also been used as a dressing for Indolent Ulcers, Fistula, Psoriasis, Lupus and Carbuncles.


Acid Chrysophan Used in Ringworm of the scalp, Sycosis, Psoriases, Herpes, eczema, Scabies, Eruptions


Emalso Burns and scalds, nettle stings, septic wounds, skin effection due to impure blood i.e.  abscesses, pimples and boils.


Hammelis Has been used with benefit in bleeding piles.  The Anointed for the piles.  Of great use in all Fissures, Ulcerations, Chilblains, Phlebitis, Burns, Ecchymosis, Eruptions, Sore Lips and Bunions.  A good dressing for cracked Heels.


Graphites For unhealthy, Sore Nipples, Inflamed and painful and angry old Scars, Herpes Zoster, Chronic eczema, Rhus poisoning.  Hard. Cracked hands, Sores between the toes, Fetid Old Ulcers and Eruptions back of the Ears. Also for Fragile Finger Nails.


Rose A protective, soothing and emollient cream for freckles and chapped skin, pimples, acne and herpes on face especially at the age of puberty.


Sulphur For dry, scaly, unhealthy skin, every little injury suppurates, freckles, Itches, Pruritis.


Thuja Useful in repressing the fungus granulations of Ulcers, for removing Warts and fungus-like growths; as a Syphilitc and Venereal Excrescence and Fig Warts; all Cauliflower Excrescence; as a palliative in Rheumatism and as a dressing in cases of Gonorrhoea.


Urti Uren Will be found useful in all ephemeral eruptions of the skin.  Nettle Rash, Wheals and itching; for all Burns and Scalds where the skin has come off; often useful in chronic diseases of the skin; has been used on paralyzed limbs; is a remedy for Chilblains.


Bm Eczema Eczema ( dermatitis ), rashes, redness, infection & other delayed skin problems.


Bm Pimples Cure May help in the symptoms of tropical acne, infantile acne, acne vulgaris or acne due to increase level of androgen hormone thus makes the complexion fair & lovely.  Its continuous use makes the skin free from spots which may develop due to acne & pimples.  During the use of this cram one should use simple food less in fats to get better results.


Medicure Mosquitoe Repellent May help in the itch of mosquito’s bite.  For prevention of bite while camping.  Can be used before or after bite.


Medicure Insect Repellent For all types of insect bites.  May also be used as a preventive measures.