Heal Remedies   ( HR )

HR 4 RHENICINE Acute & chronic catarrh.  Rhinitis. Sneezing. Inflammation & catarrh of respiratory & digestive organs.  Sinusitis, hawking ofstringy Mucus.
HR 5 FLUHEAL Influenza, FLU fever, chill, congestion.Inflammation andirritation of respiratory tract.Aching all over and weakness
HR 7 ENTRICOL Acute & Chronic Diarrhoea. With or without pain. Summer Diarrhoea. Colic. Intestinal spasm.
HR 13 URANON Diabetes. Polyuria. Correct Liver, stomach and skin function.Indigestion. Contipation and Flatulence. Impotency of Diabetics
HR 17 HEPALGIN Hepatitis. Biliary Colic. Jaundice. Flatulence.Constipation.Loss of Appetite
HR 21 FEMINA Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea. Blackish menstrual blood.Backache. Excessive Menstruation. Loss of Blood. Exhaustion
HR 22 DERMAHEAL Eczema, Acute or chronic. Herpes Zoster.Scaly Eruptions.Itching,Erysipelatus skin. Indolent pustules. Acne, Pimples.
HR 23 HEMORHINE Haemorrhoids. Bleeding and non-bleeding piles, Anal fissures,Itching,Constipation.
HR 24 FAIRYFACE Pimples. Acne. Eczema. Herpes on face at the age of Puberty,Purifies Blood and stimulates glandular function.
HR 27 HEPAREG Eczema, Acute or chronic. Herpes Zoster.Scaly Eruptions.Flatulence. Indigestion. Sensitive abdomen. Cirrhosis of liver, Bilious colic. Dark stools.Intestine cramps
HR 30 SARSAPAR Blood purifier.Boils. Herpes. Pimples. Skin affection in summerand during change of weather. Glandular swellings associatedwith impure blood.
HR 31 RHEUMA Rheumatism. Arthritis. Gout. Lumago. Sciatica. Uric diathesis,Worse in damp and stormy weather.
HR 33 HEMOFORM Anemia. Chlorosis. Sluggish liver & loss of appetite or prolongedillness.  Accelerates cellular metabolism & blood circulation. Enlargement of spleen. Tones up liver & kidney functions. Increases haemoglobin contents of the blood.
HR 34 HERBASTHINE Asthma. Cough. Oppression. Difficult expectoration. Bronchialcongestion. Worse in wet weather.  Constitutional medicine forasthmatic patients
HR 35 GASTRONEX Gastritis, acute & chronic constipation. Heartburn. Belching & flatulence. Gastro-intestinal complaints. Hyperacidity. Bad taste.Nausea
HR 37 HYSTROFEN All hysteric conditions. Extreme nervousness. Sensation of a ballin throat & suffocation. Insomnia. Hysteric fits before menstruationSensitivity to noise & odour
HR 40 FORTITONE Impotence. Sexual neurasthenia & debility. Spermatorrhoea. Weakness after excesses. After effects of masturbartion.Stimulants glandular efficiency.
HR 41 AVENASOM Insomnia. Anxiety & restlessness. Unrefreshed sleep. Nervousexcitement. Mental tension & sleeplessness due to exhaustion,grief and worry
HR 44 AROCARDIN Angina Pectoris. Heart weakness. Oppression
HR 45 THYROBESE Obesity due to glandular overactivity. Stimulates functions ofthyroid & liver. Goitre. Skin affections of obese persons. Drainsintestinal obstructions
HR 50 HARMOVIT – M Regulates hormonal system in males. Stimulates digestive &glandular secretions. Senility. Impotency. Weak memory.Emaciation. Also promotes pancreatic function.
HR 51 HARMOVIT – F Regulates hormonal system in females. Stimulates digestive &glandular secretions. Senility. Impotency. Weak memory.Emaciation. Also promotes pancreatic function.
HR 55 BUFOZIN Epilepsy. Cramps. Convulsions. Epileptic fits due to suppressionof perspiration & masturbation. St.Vitrus Dance. Nervousirritability.
HR 65 VERMICIN Vermifuge, itching of anus & nose. Grinding of teeth. Worm, colic.Blue rings around eyes. Convulsions due to worms.
HR 77 RENOCAL Kidney pain. Renal calculi. Reddish urine. Oxaluria etc.