Alfalfa Tonic A complete and comprehensive tonic which is regularly used by homoeopaths in their clinic. During illness and convalesance it is used with great advantage. Also indicated for aged people in protracted illness.
Brain Tonic An aid to improve memory and concentration. An invaluable tonic for students and brain workers. Indicated for weak memory and mental exhaustion and fatigue.
Broncol Syrup For coughs and colds, promotes easy expectoration. For relieving whooping cough, indicated in bronchial asthma.
Fytolacca Drops Known for curing obesity for over 25 years; cures quick respiration on slight fatigue; rheumatism of the obese persons.
Dentonine Tooth ache; decaying teeth, inflamed, swollen gums, immediate relief on application.
Hyperical Hypericum and Calendula compound; used with great success in mosquito bite, fly and bugs etc, for local application wounds caused by sting etc.
Localin For inflamed sore throat, toothache; for gargling after tooth extraction; quick healing of extraction wound.
Gensing Drops Made from internationally popular indigenous Chinese medicine to off – set effects of old age, old age complaints, exhaustion, toothache, rheumatism irritability and anxiety, low and high blood pressure. Excellent tonic for diabetics.
Hensel’s Tonic Special Homoeopathic formula of Dr. Hensel for iron deficiency contains iron and other salts. Builds and repairs body tissues. Helps building red corpuscles. Cures anaemia.
Kalipron Provides relief from all kinds of pain; very popular and safe pain killer, body aches from long journey, fatigue, useful in stiffness of muscles.
Menola Tonic Tried prescription for weak organs, partial impotence; increases appetite; nutritive, increases blood formation, after protracted wasting diseases, overcomes general body weakness.
Yelax Recommended by practitioners for treatment of constipation. Prepared according to the American formula. No bad effects on intestines. Improves liver function.
PEP Stops bleeding after tooth extraction; gargle half hourly till bleeding stops. Tooth aches in consequence of injured nerves and gums.
Gumboline Wonderful for treating gum boils; promotes suppuration.  To open and drain out root abscess of gums. Gumboil with extreme sensitiveness for cold. Warmth relieves prolonged suppuration.
Hemonon To check and prevent bleeding after tooth extraction.  Particularly recommended for diabetic patients and those prone to excessive bleeding after a surgical operation.
Dentex For easy and painless tooth extraction. Ameliorates tooth ache before tooth extraction. Indicated for painless tooth extraction.
1 Tablet Daily A combination of herbs and minerals specially prepared to cover the bad affects of mental fatigue and exhaustion.  Use of 1-TABLET DAILY would restore the lost of vigour & vitality, removes bad effects of prolonged illness, sharpens memory, provides strength to the Vital organs, removes weakness due to strenuous ecercise, prophylactic against viral diseases.