MPW No. Name Indications
1 Anaemia Cerebral and spinal anaemia. Wasting away of tissues.  Watery blood due to mental strain.
2 Blood Disorders Blood purifier.  Eruptions on skin. Acne. Itching
3 Bronchial Troubles Cough. Cold & catarrh. Whooping cough. Inflammatory fever. Tendency towards quinsy
4 Carcinoma Tumors of every kind, benign & malignant.  Pain with burning, thirst & constipation. Nightly aggravations
5 Baby Tonic Patient dull, sluggish, irritable. Promotes healthy dentition. Nervous debility
6 Dysmenorrhoea Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea, menses scanty & late with bearing down pains extending down the thies
7 Flatulence & Indigestion Stomach derangements. Acid & sour eructation
8 Glands Glands enlarged & inflamed
9 Heart ( Constructive Aid ) A useful & highly recommendable heart stimulant. Can be used throughout the year
10 Heart ( Angina Pectoris ) Dyspnoea must lie with high feeling of constriction on right side with cold sweat
11 Tissue & Nerve Tonic Affect effects of gonorrhoea and syphilis. Wastage. Spermatorrhoea. General debility
12 Leucorrhoea Profuse yellow tenacious leucorrhoea with delayed or suppressed menses
13 Neurasthenia Mental fatigue from overwork, study etc., brain fag, depressed spirits, nervous debility.  Neurasthenic conditions.  A nerve tonic
14 Neuralgia Spasmodic pain, hot head and cold extremities.  Face flushed. Better from warmth
15 Throat ( Septic, Inflamed ) Septic inflamed tonsils. Soreness in muscles of the throat
16 Tonic & Vitalizer Nervous debility and weakness. Lack of vitality. Constipation. Depressed spirits
17 Urinary Troubles Stone, cystitis. Burning pain in urinary region. Sediments in urine
18 Varicose Vein Constipation. White leg after delivery. Varicose ulcers & phlebitis. Pain in joints
19 Arthritis Osteo – Arthritis. Slip disc. Spinal irritation & curvature. Old sprains. Pain after overlifting
22 Debility, Weakness Debility following excesses. Prostatorrhoea. Night emissions. Spermatorrhoea. Neurasthenia
24 Elders’ Tonic Old man’s remedy for weakness. Nervous tension. Depression. Constipation & flatulence.