Other Homoeopathy Products that can be found in our shop.




1 Arnica Hair Oil To strengthen hair condition, gives it shines.
2 Arnica Shampoo Useful to stop falling of hair, controls & prevent dandruff which may be as result of dietary factor or atmospheric pollution. It promotes growth of hair & repairs the roots of hair and as a result all the problems of hair are eliminated.
3 Mullein Oil May help in the symptoms of otalgia. Otorrhoea, hard of hearing, otitis and offensive pus discharge.
4 Euphrasia Eye Drop May help in the symptoms of eye inflammation, ulceration of lids and cornea, purulent discharge, bad effects of eye strain opthalmitis.
5 Eyebright An ideal eye wash indicated in inflammation of Conjunctiva due to heat, dust & extreme sunlight. Indicated in all inflammatory conditions of the eyes; irritation, bad effects of eye strain, photophobia, cloudy vision, dimness of sight, opacity of cornea, ophthalmia and purulent discharge.
6 Cineraria Opacity of lens or cornea due to metabolic disturbances like Diabetes mellitus, gout and advance age. Conjunctivitis, Blepharitis, eye strain and fatigue. Has reputation in curing cataract and cornea opacities due to local or metabolic causes.
7 Vision Plus ( Ruta ) Weakness of eyesight due to over straining of ocular muscles. Disturbance of accommodation with pressure feeling on the eye.
8 Daily A combination of herbs and minerals specially prepared to cover the bad effects of mental fatigue and exhaustion. Use of 1 TABLET DAILY would restore the lost vigour and vitality, removes bad effects of prolonged illness, sharpens memory, provides strength to the Vital organs, removes weakness due to strenuous exercise, prophylactic against viral diseases.
9 Baby Powder It does not only preserve Baby Skin but also improves the complexion. It is an excellent dressing for cuts and injuries.  It is a prophylactic for boils, itch, nappy-rash and other skin infections.
10 Calendula Nectar Has been prepared with herbal extracts of calendula & arnica. Prickly heat is a common ailment in tropicals waist, legs, back of hands and forehead are mostly affected. Calendula is an antiseptic & arnica exerts immediate cooling and soothing effect. Use daily to prevent clothes & collar rash, burning, itching, malaria, chaffing & perspiring feet. It soothes & protects your tender skin.
11 Calendula Dressing An excellent Homoeopathic dressing powder to excellerate cicatrisation and granulation. Open wounds, unhealing sores and ulcers are radically healed. Itch and eczema following Profuse Perspiration. Burns and scalds also come under its powerful healing action.
12 Infant Relax Colicy children crying with gas and bloatedness over sensitiveness to pains distention neuralgias earache enteralgia. This remedy is also indicated when there are violent pains of neuralgic paroxysmal character. The remedy INFANT RELAX also controls the symptoms of fever & diarrhea.
13 Dr Req Ciner Chronic conjunctivits, conjunctival irritation, corneal opacity due to metabolic disorders caused by old age, diabetes or gouty conditions, blepharitis. Overstrained eyes, inflammatory eye diseases.
14 Dr Req R79 Hypertension, attacks of vertigo, dyspnoea, weariness, forgetfulness, for regularization of blood circulation, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidaemia, angina pectoris.
15 Dr Req R40 For diabetes